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The Kardashian Kollection Satchel

by Jill Manoff

There’s something about us that you likely don’t know. It’s not something we’re proud of, but we hate keeping secrets: We pace. Stores. A lot. It’s a nervous habit we’ve had for years, and—no matter how we try to stop—something inevitably triggers it. Something “pretty” or “shiny” that catches our eye from afar—and that would take a major chunk out of our fashion budget, if we gave in and bought it. So we flee—or attempt to flee—before doing any damage, but it just keeps calling our name. Hence the pacing. The latest culprit? The Kardashian Kollection studded barrel satchel.

True, its cost is more than we typically spend on a handbag, but—after weighing the pros and cons—we decided to make the splurge. It was a no-brainer, really. Pros? It will work with everything in our fall-to-winter wardrobe: bordeaux sweaters, military jackets, faux leather leggings, the list goes on. What’s more? We’ll carry it next fall, too—and the fall after that and for a couple of falls after that. Leather and studs have been having a major moment—for years!—and there are no signs that they’ll be falling by the wayside. (Us cost-per-wear tallyers love these kinds of trends!) Finally, in our book, putting your money where you put your money is always a good idea. (There: Our last secret.) Our usual excuse is that we carry our handbag everywhere, but—with this work-to-weekend style? We really mean it.

As for the cons? We’ll have less money to spend on fleeting trends we don’t love as much—and may only wear once. Hmm… Glad we paced this out.



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