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DIY: The Studded Faux - Leather Jacket

by Jill Manoff

Nothing to wear? Jillian Warner, the face behind the popular blog, Mommy Testers, knows the feeling. When she recently found herself bound for a rock music festival (“Not really my scene,” she admitted.), she reasoned that a shopping trip was definitely in order. But, rather than invest in a “punk” style she’d wear just once, she decided to score a trendy jacket she’d wear repeatedly. The one catch? She’d need to add a few studs to make it concert-ready. We’ve got her step-by-step. (See the full post here!)

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1.    Find the Perfect Jacket
“I wanted something a little…edgy that could serve as a layering option for that swift fall transition from day to night. When I spotted a rack of BONGO [faux] leather jackets for $25, it was like there was a giant DIY sign flashing over them,” she said.

Her choice? A caramel-colored style. “I love the contrast of the [faux] leather against…my favorite jeans. [It] also has pockets that are perfect for lip balm, gum and a small wallet or card case—so I don’t have to carry a bag.”

2.    Make a Plan
“You can add just a few studs, or cover large areas of the jacket. After some careful consideration, I decided that covering the tips of the collar was the perfect dose of edgy-punk for me.”

3.    Gather your Supplies
“You’ll just need a leather punch, which you can purchase online for under $10, some screw-on studs—and you can use a piece of chalk to mark your pattern, if you’d like…I chose gold studs because their warm tone worked with the caramel-colored jacket.”

4.    Get to Studding
“All you do is mark your pattern with chalk, then line up the leather punch and press. Once you make your hole, you simply pop the screw backing into the hole and then screw the spike on by hand. It’s incredibly easy, and the screw-style studs are simple to reposition if you make a placement error.”

5.    Complete the Look
Jillian decided to pair her jacket with a True Freedom “vintage-feeling” top, some super-skinny jeans and pointed-toe flats. The end result? “Perfect for concert-going!” she said. We couldn’t agree more.