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Care for Your Pair: 6 Tips for Lasting Denim

by Jill Manoff

The cut is flattering, the color’s just right and they fit like a glove. Your goal? To keep them that way. We’ve got your how-to.  


1. Wash It Before Wearing It

…if it’s dark (as it will prevent the color from bleeding onto other clothes) or you plan on hemming it. Washing can cause shrinking, so—unless you don’t mind high waters—send it through a cycle before tweaking.


2. Wait to Wash It Again

The less often it touches water, the longer it will last. Some wash as little as once a year, but—for us—once or twice a month is perfection. (A little dirt and oil adds to its character, no?)


3. Keep It Fresh Between Washes

…by spraying it with Febreze then hanging it outside. Or, throw it into the dryer with a dryer sheet for a while.


4. Wash It With Care

When it’s finally time, wash your denim inside out—on cold, with a mild detergent. (Be sure to avoid bleach, which lightens denim!) Then, let it air dry. Drying in the dryer causes excessive wear and shrinkage. If you must dry? Pick a low heat setting. 

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5. Mend It, If You Must

…using patches made from old T-shirts. They have some stretch, so won’t affect your jeans’ comfort. (But, in our book? Rips and tears add “cool”!)


6. Be Smart About Storing It

Hang it by its belt loops versus clips to avoid creases and impressions—or, take a cue from your fave retailer and store it in stacks (zipper at the fold!).