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Camo, Day + Night

by Jill Manoff

We bet you didn’t see this one coming: Camouflage is big this season, and—as far as we can tell—it’s no fleeting trend. Stores are stocked with totes, skirts, ballet flats and more—in traditional and colorful takes on the new, must-wear print.

Camo Day + Night

Excited to invade? First, take notes. We’ve got two looks that are right on target, plus five tips for wearing the trend just right.

How to Go Camo
1. One camo piece makes a statement. Two is too much. (Trust us!)

2. Camo wears like a neutral. Pair it with graphic tees, colored denim, most everything in your rotation.

3. Camo works with other prints, as long as one color matches. (We love it with stripes and deep-green florals!)

4. Think of camo as this season’s leopard print. Just like your spotted numbers, it adds the perfect “something extra” to too-simple outfits.

5. Strike a balance. Paired with other “tough” pieces, the overall effect is masculine. With a flirty dress? It’s neutral territory.