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The Denim Jacket

by Jill Manoff

We love our denim jacket for the same reason we love blue jeans: We wear it season after season, and it always look stylish. What’s more, it goes with everything—and it’s oh-so-versatile. We wear it as a layering piece one day, as outerwear the next—from our desk to date night, and everywhere in between.

Sold on the style, but not sure which to buy? Remember: A dark denim jacket works every time. Read on for three no-fail ways to wear it, and for other styles to consider when adding to your collection.


Wear it for day
We love how it adds a hint of polish to weekend-perfect pieces like hoodies and tanks. On the other hand, we also wear it to lend a casual vibe to dresses across the board. (Hint: Headed to a music festival? Start with a dress and a denim jacket, add booties and go!)
Your best bet:
Perfect-fit styles that are faded or distressed.

Wear it for night
It’s a great alternative to your go-to leather jacket—and perfect for a night on the town. For an urban vibe, pair it with slim-fit pants and an understated sweater. Want to look more “rocker”? Go for skinnies and black boots.
Your best best:
A black or raw denim style that fits like a glove.

Wear it to work
If you work in a creative field, the possibilities are endless (Tip: If you wouldn’t wear jeans, don’t wear a denim jacket.): Wear it instead of a blazer with trousers or a pencil skirt, or try it under a blazer in place of a cardigan or vest.
Your best bet:
A dark-blue, fitted jacket with zero distressing.