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A Sleeper Hit: 'Tis the Season for New PJs

by Jill Manoff

Holiday traditions have a way of making us feel all warm and fuzzy—especially our newest yuletide to-dos: Each is centered on cozy-cute PJs, so we have a hunch they’ll catch on like fruitcake. 

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Tradition #1: On the Town
We think the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is a bit played out, so we’re launching a new tradition: The Christmas Pajama Party. No, we’re not talking an all-nighter consisting of makeovers, ghost stories and freezing panties. (You know—the pair of the first to fall asleep…no?) Instead, the idea is a cocktail-style fète with a very specific dress code: festive jammies and matching slippers, or—for the even more gung-ho—holiday-themed onesies equipped with feet!

Sleeper Hit 02Joe Boxer Pajama Set~~~quickview~true~029VA66563412P~Joe Boxer Flannel Pajama~~~quickview~true~029VA66506012P~Carter Toddler Boy Pajama Set~~~quickview~true~029VA68428312P~



Tradition #2: By the Tree
We’ve long believed that the holidays are all about making—and capturing—beautiful memories. So, it’s no surprise that—on Christmas—we’re snapping photos throughout the day. It all commences with the early-morning gift exchange, when—due to the excitement of getting started—everyone’s still wearing what they slept in. Thus inspired a tradition we’ve held for seasons. We allow all in the fam to open one present early: a new pair of PJs that are decidedly picture-perfect.