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The 7-Day Challenge: Do Denim 24/7

by Jill Manoff

Think you could work denim seven ways in one week? We put our searsStyle staffer to the test.  As there’s a chance you wear denim on the daily, our latest 7-Day Challenge may seem entirely too easy—that is, until you get the full scoop. Inspired by all the new denim options, we set some pretty strict guidelines for our stylish staffer: For starters, she had to wear an altogether different style every day. What’s more, she couldn’t break for even one outing. It was a jean jacket one day, cutoffs the next—from work to the weekend and everywhere in between. To find out how she fared (Hint: We’re still impressed!), read on…

Manic Monday

Day 1: Manic Monday
Her plan was to go from her desk to dinner, so she went for better-than-basic takes on her nine-to-five faves—think trouser-inspired denim and a cute, bespeckled blouse.

Warming Up

Day 2: Warming Up
It was a cool day, so she broke in her new camo jacket. She anchored it with wedges and a pair of distressed jeans for a work-perfect (In our office? Jeans always work!) look that will work well into fall.

Coffee Break

Day 3: Mid-Week Blues
Hip to the fact that mismatched washes “make” the look, she braved denim-on-denim without a hitch: Her button-down shirt made her distressed jeans a little more business, a little less casual.

On a Date

Day 4: Dressed to Impress
A shirtdress is always a good idea. We love how she took the classic and made it her own with a pair of neutral wedges and a chic leather tote.


Day 5: Casual Friday
We heart that she worked dark denim into the mix. Paired with classic stripes and an unexpected jean jacket, it made for an oh-so-cute Casual Friday outfit.

Day 6

Day 6: Off the Clock
Headed for a music festival that would last noon to night, she picked a versatile denim combo that would keep her comfortable: She sat on the vest between big bands and threw it on at dusk to stay warm.

Sunday Errands

Day 7: Ready to Run
Nothing was on the agenda, so she decided on skinnies and an easy tee (both in “it” prints!) before heading out to a day of lunch, errands and shopping.