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Bloggers' Picks: What You Need for Fall

by Jill Manoff

By now, you already know the runway-defined trends for fall. (The September issues have been on the shelves for weeks!) But, do you know how to wear them the real way? We tracked down five of our favorite fashion bloggers—real girls with amazing style!—to find out what trends they’re buying into, and how they’ll be wearing them all fall. Among the mix? Edge-adding embellishments, outfit-making jackets and pieces that work together to create legs for days. Read on for the full scoop, and be sure to check out their blogs for even more inspiration.

Annie Vasquez of TheFashionPoet.com

On Her Look: “I wanted to do ‘military chic,’ so I rummaged the racks looking for something that had more of a classic appeal, which could match with my new [gray] Levi’s. Once I hit the Kardashian [Kollection] section, I spotted the ultimate jacket. It was marked down from $79 to $34. What a steal!”

Her Fave Fall Trend: “I love the grunge trend; I grew up listening to Nirvana and Pearl Jam…I’m loving the cute selection of plaid shirts at Sears that are accented with everything from lace to studs to fun, colorful jewels."

Her Need-Now Extras: “I’m completely enamored with the fun purses at Sears that feature studs and loads of zippers.”

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Christine Tsang of Tineey.com

On Her Look: “The [plaid shirt] I'm wearing had embellished pockets, which took away some of its masculinity. I also paired the outfit with glitter low-top sneakers. The overall streetwear look was not drastically affected by the bejeweling and glitter, and the small details really helped add playfulness to the outfit.”

Her Fave Fall Denim: “’I’m still really in love with the skinny jean silhouette. Black skinny jeans with black heeled boots can make your legs look like they go on forever-ever-ever and ever.”

Her Three Fall Musts: “A leather jacket, ankle boots and a cozy scarf.”

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Kristyn Kilcullen of KSquaredGlamour.org

On Her Look: “I got the inspiration for this outfit from my husband’s [an Army officer] work uniform. Instead of heavy military boots, I added a pair of khaki heels to make it feminine and chic.”

Her Three Fall Musts: “A leather jacket, a denim jacket and a little black dress. The versatility of styling these three pieces is endless, they match just about any outfit and they never go out of style.”

Her Fall Fashion Tip: “Fall has so many strong, bold and classic fashion trends this year, so be creative, have fun and put your own spin on the trends you want to rock. Just don’t go overboard and try rocking all the trends at once!”

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Jennifer Brandt of PerfectlyDisheveled.com

On Her Look: “I felt so cute and comfortable. I can see myself wearing this outfit for school functions, date nights, girls’ nights and, of course, wedding planning.” She just got engaged! Congrats!

Her Fave Fall Trend: “I'm loving the military-inspired look. When I think of military, I think of functional, and—as a busy mom who likes fashion—military, bomber-type jackets and camouflage pants with a great fit are perfect.”

Her Need-Now Extras: “I'm a bangle girl. Always! The more arm candy, the better.”

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Vera Sweeney of LadyandtheBlog.com

Her Style Staple: “I wear jean jackets all year long. They are the perfect layering companion to just about any outfit. Trust me!”

Her Fave Fall Trend: “This year, it’s all about the little embellishments for me. Studs are on my radar, front and center. I am obsessing over shirts, belts, bags, boots and jackets that carry that added detail.”

Her Fall Fashion Tip: “I tend to stay rather neutral in the fall; most of my pieces are pretty basic in nature. The way I get around this is by accessorizing with jewel-colored scarves, bags, necklaces and bracelets. Neon is the last thing anyone wants to see in October. But, walk into a room with a rich emerald green pashmina? You will own the crowd.”

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