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Bloggers' Guide, Part 2: Get Healthy in 2014

by Jill Manoff

We asked our favorite health bloggers, “What resolutions are you making to live healthier in 2014?” Not so surprisingly, each listed multiple—and their shared plan for making them stick seemed altogether plausible: They’d tackle just one new resolution per day, even if it meant taking a week to launch them all. These were five of the standouts.

Jess Estrada



1.  “Stock the fridge with healthy goodness! Think lots of greens of all shades and types, as well as tons of veggies, almond and coconut milk, coconut water, kombucha and free-range organic eggs.” - Jess Estrada of Fresh Jess (See her full post here.)

Jessica Hill



2.   “Try a new workout routine. My gym doesn’t offer workout classes, but there are some parts of the gym I haven’t explored yet. I know that interval training is good for burning calories, so I think it’s time to try out the interval fitness area.” - Jessica Hill of Mad in Crafts (See her full post here.)

McKenzie GuymonKardashian Kollection Cutout Party Dress~~~quickview~true~007VA68327412P~Kardashian Kollection Lace Body Con Dress~~~quickview~true~007VA68041912P~



3.  “Buy goal clothes. Reward yourself for making great changes in your life, and buy some goal clothes you want to fit into. If you aren't trying to lose weight, just trying to be healthier, buy something that fits.” - McKenzie Guymon of Girl Loves Glam (See her full post here.)

Samantha Curtis


4.  “Find a buddy. For me, this is one of the best ways to stay motivated and keep myself on track—whether it’s a virtual buddy or a friend who physically goes to the gym with me. Strength in numbers, my friends!“  - Samantha Curtis of Hooah & Hiccups (See her full post here.)

Stacy MolterDragonfly Yoga Ball~~~quickview~true~00605748000P~



5.   “Purchase a fitness ball. Having a baby and entertaining more than a few holiday indulgences takes a toll on our bodies. Fitness balls are great because they are an inexpensive investment and are very effective at targeting core muscles.” - Stacy Molter of Fancy Shanty (See her full post here.)