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Our Mother'€™s Day Q+A with Kris Jenner

by Jill Manoff

We caught up with the Kardashians’ popular mom to talk her Mother's Day plans, what it takes to be a great mom and all about her big, fashionable family.


searsStyle: All of your children have a keen fashion sense and individualized style. Where did that come from?
Kris Jenner:
  Well, I like to think that a part of their great fashion sense comes from me; it is no secret that I love fashion. Fashion is just in our blood; my mom owned a clothing boutique growing up. To this day, my mom always looks like she just stepped out of a magazine. She’s the cutest thing ever.

sS:  Growing up, did you always think you would end up with such a big family?
  Absolutely. Since it was just my sister and me, I always imagined what a large family would be like. I thought about having six kids from the time I was sixteen. I am blessed.

sS:  What is one piece of advice you would give new mothers and moms-to-be?
Always encourage your children to dream big and to really pursue their dreams. My kids have always known that the sky is the limit. To all those new mothers out there, try to get as much sleep as possible. Also, always remember to take time for yourself; it will make you a better mom.

sS:  What would the perfect Mother’s Day be like for you?
A day where we have our whole family together would be ideal. The perfect Mother’s Day would start out with Kourtney making our family’s traditional Beeshee breakfast, followed by church and hanging out by the pool. Then a family BBQ to end the day. As everyone gets busier and the family grows, the harder it seems it is to have everyone together. When we are all together, I truly treasure it. Nothing compares.