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Summer's 10 Beauty Essentials

by Jill Manoff

The blistering sun and skyrocketing temps will wreck havoc on your hair and do a number on your skin—that is, unless you’re fully equipped with the tools you need to beat the summer heat. We always change our beauty routine with the seasons, and these ten products prove just the thing post-spring.

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1. Sunscreen
Go for a new formula that doesn’t streak and stays put through it all. Our faves are lightweight, fresh-scented and big on SPF—and they do double duty by moisturizing, too. (Bonus!)

2. A Tinted Moisturizer
Come summer, your usual foundation will feel too heavy—so opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. It will provide just enough coverage, plus essential SPF and a great, sunless glow. (We wear it year-round!)

3. Lip Balm
Skip bold lipsticks and thick glosses in favor of a sun-shielding balm (SPF is key!) with just a hint of color. A fresh pink or peach shade will work wonders all season—for beach days, date nights and everywhere in between.

4. A Fresh Fragrance
Go fruity or go floral—and change it up every day of the week. Now’s the time to have fun with fragrances, if only to get in a summery state of mind.

5. Cleansing Cloths
It’s inevitable: You’re face will accumulate a lot of sweat this season. Our advice? Cleanse, and repeat. The latest wipes moisturize as they scrub—so you can go through several without drying your skin.

6. A Deep Conditioner
When exposed to hot sun and harsh chlorine, hair can easily teeter into dry-and-brittle territory. Fight it all season by using a restoring mask or a deep conditioner at least once a month.

7. Bright-as-Can-Be Polish
We equate summer to sandal season, and we never wear sandals without a super-bold pedi: Classic pink and coral polishes are our usual go-tos, but—this year—we’re all about neon brights.

8. A Cream Blush
When it comes to wearing summer blush, the goal is a natural flush that’s far from cakey. You can’t go wrong with a cream version or a new, all-in-one (Use it on your cheeks and your lips!) cream-to-powder stick.  

9. An Exfoliator
Using an exfoliating body scrub is important every season—but a must during summer, when your skin is on display: Before you hit the beach, simply buff your way to a smoother, more even complexion.

10. Waterproof Mascara
Switching to waterproof versions of your favorite makeup products will ensure you're ready for anything this summer—including a dip in the water.