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Must - Try Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

by Jill Manoff

One of the most affordable ways to update your look for spring? Change up your beauty routine! The new makeup trends range from glowing skin to blue shadow, so there’s a current look for every occasion and style. These are the three we can’t wait to try.

Spring Beauty Trends

Berry Lips
You know that old-school method of pinching your cheeks for a shot of color? We think it inspired the latest round of lip stains. Each delivers a subtle berry hue that looks next-to-natural and feels ultra-fresh—especially following a season big on reds. The experts’ top tip for pulling it off with a bang? Wear it matte, rather than paired with your go-to lipgloss.

Glowing Skin
Radiant skin never goes out of style, but—this spring? It’s bigger than ever. It’s all about a sun-kissed look, which complements the new clothing trends to perfection (especially “beachy” and “sporty”). To get it, just apply a tinted moisturizer—or your usual foundation, with an illuminator mixed in. Then, add bronzer to areas that naturally get tan—like your T-zone and cheeks. The result? Golden!

Blue Lids
No longer restricted to '80s-themed parties and costumes, blue eyeshadow is having a moment—but there are rules to wearing it right. To make its effect modern, keep the rest of your makeup neutral—and be sure your mascara and liner read “simple.” Any competing products will make the resulting look “busy,” which—this decade—is the opposite of gnarly.