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4 New Signature - Worthy Scents

by Jill Manoff

We think your choice of perfume is every bit as important as your pick of jeans: Both say a lot about your style, and—without a bit of direction—the effect can be all wrong. So, we decided to compile a guide featuring only of the best of the season’s new fragrances. Each bears our editor’s stamp, so you’ll read “sexy” with any—as long as you remember: A little dab will always do. (Too much is a definite “don’t.”)

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Coach Love
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Coach has introduced an ultra-romantic fragrance every beauty lover will adore. It marries floral, woody and caramel scents beautifully—plus comes in a pretty pink bottle, which makes it perfect for gifting.

Justin Bieber The Key
Treat yourself to an indulgent combination of juicy fruit, florals and sweet vanilla. Justin Bieber The Key is one you’ll want to save for special nights—but we condone wearing it on the daily.

Fantasy Britney Spears: The Remixes
The “Perfume” singer is getting set to add yet another pair of fragrances to her popular collection. Titled Fantasy Britney Spears: The Naughty Remix and Fantasy Britney Spears: The Nice Remix, fans can choose their fave based on their personality—starting in February. (We can’t wait!)

Rise by Beyoncé
Beyoncé’s newest fragrance (available in February) is centered on the orchid, which confirms what we’ve known for months: Orchids will be huge in 2014! (Radiant orchid is Pantone’s color of the year.) It also features hints of golden apricot, which makes for a combo sexy-strong women will love.