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1 Look, 2 Ways: The Topknot Bun

by Jill Manoff

Our go-to ‘do for work and the weekend? The trendy topknot bun, one of two ways: We’ll wear it sleek one day, messy the next. Want to master both takes? We’ve got your how-to.

The Polished Bun
1.     Prep your hair with a flatiron and a silicone-based serum. You’ll need straight, shiny hair to get the look just right.

2.     Using a brush (to smooth away bumps!), gather your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Secure it with a tight elastic.

3.     Twist all of your hair, from base to ends—and wrap the resulting “rope” around the elastic. The tighter the wrap, the smaller the bun. (We like it slightly loose, ballerina style!)

4.     Secure the resulting bun with bobby pins that match your hair. Then tame flyaways with a brush and freeze it all with hairspray. Voila!

The Messy Bun
1.     A messy bun starts with big, textured hair. The secret? Work in a texturizing mist or a sea salt spray, then tease it with a comb to add volume.

2.     Use your fingers to comb your hair into a pony at your crown. (Imperfect? Perfect!) Secure it with a tight elastic.

3.     Divide your hair into two, equal sections (The more sections, the more bulk!)—then twist them to create two “ropes.” Wrap one around the elastic, and pin it in place—then wrap the other the opposite way, and pin.

4.     Finally, free a few strands around your hairline. Not messy enough? Free more.

Extra Tip: The looser your grip, the more strands will fall—and the more messy the finished product.