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Post - Workout Hair that Works for Work

by Jill Manoff

If you’re like us, you can come up with a million excuses for hitting the snooze button and skipping your morning workout: You didn’t get enough sleep. Your favorite yoga pants are in the wash. You have a super-important meeting and sweaty hair just won’t do. Well, like it or not (You’ll thank us later!), we’re giving you one less reason to stay in bed: A quick-and-easy guide to fab post-gym hair. No time to wash? Don’t sweat it!

Workout Hair

1.     Skip the ponytail. If you have long hair, you’re familiar with the annoying bump that lingers from the time you scoop it into a pony to your next suds session. Avoid it altogether! We’re fans of wearing a loose bun to the gym—held in place with bobby pins, versus a hair elastic. When we take it down, our hair has amazing body—no curlers needed. Need something more secure? Go for a French braid, which will leave your hair with killer waves.

2.     Blow-dry. Immediately following your workout, take your hair down and start blow-drying. Concentrate on the nape of your neck and your hairline, where sweat accumulates most.

Apply Dry Shampoo

3.     Apply dry shampoo. Spray it on your part (Start slow. You can always add more!), and work it through your hair—paying close attention to the area behind your ears and your hairline. Make sure every speck of white is gone before you’re done, and—of course—that you’ve hit all your greasies.


4.     Style as usual. Wear it down, or wear it up. Either way, your hair will look clean and fresh, so you’ll look as good as you feel.