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Hair Trend to Try: The Milkmaid Braid

by Jill Manoff

Surprisingly, one of our favorite trends on recent runways is ultra-accessible and doesn't cost a thing. Of course, we’re talking the chic milkmaid braid (also called the crown braid), which we’ve already mastered in preparation for spring. Check out our five steps.

The Milkmaid Braid How To

Step 1
Divide your hair into two sections by parting it down the middle, from your hairline to your nape.

Step 2
Gather each section just behind each ear, and weave it into a three-strand braid. Secure each braid with a clear elastic.

Step 3
Take one of the braids and wrap it over the top of your head, towards the front—where you’d normally wear a headband. Pin the ends behind your ear using a few bobby pins.

Step 4
Wrap the second braid the opposite way, allowing it to rest on one side of braid one. Pin it in place, and pin loose ends under plaits.

Step 5
Using hairspray, freeze the final look in place.



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