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Get the Look: 3 Steps to Peachy - Keen Cheeks

by Jill Manoff

We recommend paring down your beauty routine at the start of every spring. It’s the perfect season to sport a fresh, easy look, and—this year? You can’t go wrong with peach blush. The trend was all over the Spring 2014 runways, and it reads super-natural when it’s applied just right. Lucky for you? We’ve got your guide.

Peach Blush

1. Pinpoint your Cheekbones
The idea is to use the color to “sculpt”—so you’ll want to apply it on your cheekbones, versus the apples (which can make your face look more round). Not sure what’s considered “cheekbone” territory? Make a fish face. It’s the sharp area above the hollow.

2. Prep Your Applicator
Swirl an angled brush into your powder blush of choice. (The good news? From light to bright apricot, most shades of peach blush look great on everybody!) Opt for a cream blush? (It’s our pick in dryer climates!) Use your fingers instead.

3. Apply Your Color (This is the tricky part!)
Sweep the brush along each cheekbone—starting from the back, near your ear, and pulling it forward to the front of your apple. If the resulting color is concentrated on the back of your cheek? Perfect!



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