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Our No-Fail Sunglasses Guide

by Jill Manoff

The Best Frames for Your Face
We're shedding some light on a timely subject: shopping for the perfect summer sunnies. Forget trying on every pair in the store and keep your focus on trends that flatter. We've got 'em all…


Your Face Shape: Round
Have fuller cheeks? Angular styles are perfect. Just pick a square or rectangle style. In ever-chic tortoiseshell? Even better.


Your Face Shape: Square
Avoid styles with sharp edges in favor of oval, round or aviator shades. Can't decide? Score one of each!


Your Face Shape: Long
Oversized frames and wrap shades will work wonders to balance longer features. As for what to avoid? Narrow styles and vertical lines.

Heart Shape Face

Your Face Shape: Heart
You can't go wrong with classic, cateye frames. Stocking up? Make your second pair round.


Your Face Shape: Oval
All styles look great on you (Lucky you!), so pick out any pair you love. Our advice? The brighter, the better.