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What to Wear, Where: Winter Extras By Region

by Jill Manoff

How you accessorize for the season has everything to do with where you’re going and where you live. (Really!) So, we're mapping out what’s keeping locals warm-and-cozy, from preppy caps in Connecticut to fingerless gloves in LA. 

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Where: The West
What to Wear:
Fingerless Gloves and Legwarmers
They’re locals’ prescription for getting into the spirit of the season, even when it’s seventy degrees and sunny.

Where: The Northwest
What to Wear:
Armwarmers and Trapper Hats
The birthplace of grunge is reveling in the fact that combat boots, baggy (“boyfriend”) jeans and flannels are back. Master the remix with these winter musts.

Where: The Midwest
What to Wear:
Knit Hats and Earmuffs
They’ve seen it all, so prepare for anything. The secret? Layers-upon-layers. Start the day with earmuffs and a cap. If Mother Nature plays nice? Lose one or the other.

Where: The South
What to Wear:
Neck Wraps and Gloves
The charm of the South? Everyone is constantly put-together, even when winter’s coldest cold kicks in. Fit in in a pinch with a cozy-chic set. (One with text-ready gloves? Even better!)

Where: The Northeast
What to Wear:
Pageboy Caps, Scarves and smarTouch® Gloves
All in all, preppy makes perfect. Come winter? Cable knits get it right. Your best bets include uniform-inspired styles—like pageboy caps—paired with anything tweed, houndstooth or plaid.

Where: The Southeast
What to Wear:
Loop and Wrap Scarves
Most celebrate a rare case of “sweater weather” with a loop or wrap scarf that’s much less of a commitment. (When the sun comes out, throw it off and go!)