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Take Your Pick: The New Floral Accessories

by Jill Manoff

Too much is never enough, particularly when talking the season’s hot floral trend. We’re wearing it morning and night, every day of the week—and we’re up to our neck in bold floral pieces. Literally. Case in point? Our new go-to accessory. It’s a bright bib necklace that looks inspired by a bouquet, and we’ve been relying on it to “make” looks across the board: jeans-and-a-tee, trousers and blouses, little white dresses, and on and on. It’s a closet favorite that’s of the moment, and it always makes a statement—so it’s our “pick” every time. As for when we’re wearing other floral extras? We throw it on, as customary. After all, flowers were born to be wild…

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