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Dark Romance

by Jill Manoff

We admit it: We want it all—which explains our obsession with the all-encompassing trends of late. There’s the “high-low” hem, which is sexy from one angle, sweet from another; “masculine-feminine,” which combines traditional menswear (blazers, trousers, oxfords, you name it) and made-for-us fits—and now “dark romance,” which meshes just about everything we love about fall fashion. On the dark side, it’s the deep-as-can-be reds; the midnight blues and the all-black pieces that can’t help but tend “goth.” In terms of romance, it’s the rich floral prints, the peekaboo lace and the peplum-topped numbers that skew “girly,” yet sophisticated. And it’s all about teaming the two styles your way. In other words? At last, everything goes!



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