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Crazy for the Kardashians

by Jill Manoff

Style icon. It’s a phrase we hear and read all the time, but it’s one we reserve for the true standouts: those who dress the part, those who know what works, those who keep it interesting day after day. The Kardashians are perfect examples. Over the years, we’ve watched them refine and sharply define their personal styles—so it’s easy to say a feminine blouse is “so Kourtney” or a second-skin pencil skirt is “Kim to a T.” And they never fail to hold our attention. This fall, for instance, they’re launching a number of new collections, including Kardashian Kollection Premium Denim—and that’s just the start of it. We’re giving you all the deets in this week’s issue, which is dedicated to the sisters and all they’ve got in store. Get set to get inspired, and—as with anything “Kardashian”—try to keep up…



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