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Your Go-To Fall Jeans Guide

by Jill Manoff

Fashion editor Diana Vreeland called them “beautiful.” Designer Yves Saint Laurent wished he’d invented them. And we wear them most every day and night, all seasons. Of course, we’re talking about jeans—a hot topic for decades—and we plan to keep the conversation going throughout the week.

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Now, admittedly, it wasn’t long ago that we last let denim overhaul our blog; it happens fairly regularly, and for good reason: Denim is the cornerstone of most modern wardrobes, and we’ve got the scoop on the latest ways to work it.

This week? We’re hyping combos big on animal prints and anchored with heels. We’re also dishing about all the big styles for fall: If it’s not in an unexpected cut, it’s in a surprising color—or topped with a number of bold-as-ever embellishments.

In other words? What’s old is new (and, indeed, beautiful). And, we hope: You heard it here first.



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