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We asked our denim expert

by Jill Manoff

We admit it; we have a major case of job envy. Not only does our denim divisional merchandise manager—and constant style inspiration—Jenn Burrell spend her days surrounded by denim that has yet to hit stores, but she is the ultimate authority on what makes it to the racks. As we’re currently consumed with prepping our closet for fall, we decided to track her down—and got all the deets on the latest, obsess-worthy jeans and exactly what to wear to snag her standout style.  

Denim Expert Jenn Burrell on the Jeans You Need Right Now

searsStyle: What fits should we be buying for fall?
Jenn Burrell: You’ll need skinny jeans for boots and to roll up with stilettos, and a great mini-flare to wear with dressy jackets and platforms.

sS: What details are big for fall?
JB: The embellishment is hot—whether it’s on the back pocket, the front pocket or creating stripe effects along the side seams.

sS: What are the big trends in washes and prints?
JB: It is all about the blues! From light wash to dark wash, and every wash in between.

sS: In your expert opinion, what styles define a complete denim wardrobe?
JB: A skinny in a really light wash; a skinny in a neutral color, like olive or black (which looks great with a side stripe); a mini-flare in a medium-dark tone and a bootcut style in a dark or black wash.

sS: If we buy just one pair of jeans for fall, what should it be?
JB: A skinny, dark-wash style with some embellishment on the pocket.

sS: In terms of denim, what’s new-and-exciting at Sears for fall?
JB: We will be introducing all new washes in Canyon River Blues, relaunching the classic and relaxed twill styles in Lee and launching the Kardashian Premium Denim collection, which will include basic and fashion styles.

sS: How will you be wearing denim this fall?
JB: I will be wearing my CRB or Kardsahian Premium dark wash, skinny jeans, rolled up—with some great, ankle-cuff heels and a fabulous, Metaphor white V-neck tee. I’ll top it all off with a fabulous Metaphor blazer.



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