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Your Holiday Rx: 8 Steps to De-Stress

by Jill Manoff

The “most wonderful time of the year” can also be the most stressful—unless you go in with a plan. We’ve got your guide to staying merry all season.

8 Steps to De-Stress
De-Stress Start Early



Start Early
It’s too late this year, but—next year? We recommend starting your gift shopping early. If you get most gifts out of the way before Thanksgiving, you’ll dodge stress-inducing crowds and “fitting it all in” will be less daunting.

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Schedule Some Quiet Time
Take a warm bath or just find some space and meditate. Finding even five minutes to clear your mind and focus on your breathing will lower your blood pressure, relax your muscles, work wonders.

De-Stress Routine



Maintain Your Routine
...as much as possible. Now is not the time to skimp on sleep or interrupt your workout schedule. Getting your ZZZs will keep you energized, while breaking a sweat will work to ease tension. (If your family get-togethers are anything like ours, you’ll need it!)

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Drink to Your Health
We’re talking tea, of course. Come holiday season, we ditch the caffeine in favor of pots of soothing green tea.

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Roll with the Punches
Not everything is going to go according to plan. Dishes will burn, relatives will argue, you’re going to spill wine on your perfect party dress. Count on it going in, and you’ll fare better in the end.



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