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The New Fitness Craze: Fitbit Zip

by Jill Manoff

We’ve always been better at working out with a buddy. Ever wanting to train harder, run farther and lift heavier than the next guy (Call us competitive!), it pushes us to meet our goals, fast. So, of course, we ‘re already fans of the new Fitbit Zip. A tiny device that tracks our steps, distance and calories, it makes competing in the name of a fitter body a breeze: Most of the time, we’re going up against ourselves—hoping to top our stats from the day before. Every other time? We’re looking to trump our friends’ numbers, using the free Fitbit app that—along with other features—facilitates sharing (and taunting!). All in all, we think it’s the perfect “buddy” stand-in. (If you can’t beat them face-to-face, join them on a dashboard!)

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