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Our Top Tips for Shopping Clearance Racks

by Jill Manoff

Getting the best deals on the hottest styles requires a strategy. We’ve got yours.

Shop Early
Making a beeline for the clearance racks upon entering a store just isn’t enough. Unless you shop them early, on day one of the sale, they’re bound to be picked over. Mark your calendar accordingly!

Travel Light
We’ve all seen those videos of customers trampling each other in the name of cheap goods. It’s competitive out there! So, bring your A game: Anything that hinders your browsing will put you at a disadvantage. A great rule of thumb? Leave your large tote at home.

Set a Budget
Even sale prices add up! If you buy four items at 75 percent off, you might as well buy something full price. To avoid getting jaded by “too good to pass up” deals, we recommend setting a strict spending limit.

Count on Coupons
A lot of times, retailers will offer coupons that work to reduce clearance prices even more. So, do a bit of research! We poke around online before shopping, and most often end up saving 10 to 15 percent extra.

Choose Wisely
Don’t restrict your shopping to pieces you can wear now. You’ll get the most bang for your buck when you consider all seasons: We advise buying coats at the end of winter and sandals at around the time fall fashions hit stores. (You’ll thank us later!)

Be Realistic
If you’re not going to wear it, you’re just wasting your money—which is silly, even if it is a few dollars. So, be sure to stick to clothes in your current size (diet or no diet), and avoid scoring pieces for your dream vacation.

Stalk the Site
Often, stores will restock their clearance racks and—as time goes on—mark down prices even more. So, be sure to check back after a few days—and a few days after that, if the sale is truly stellar.



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