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FitStudio Tips: Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

by Jill Manoff

According to a recent poll, most people drop their New Year’s fitness resolutions within two weeks of January 1. Though we hate to admit it, we’re typically one of them. So, we decided to corner the experts at FitStudio by Sears to get some tips on maintaining our running start throughout the year. These are their top ten. (For even more tips, click here.)

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Go Shopping
“Buy a fab dress that’s suited to lean curves, then hang it in plain view so you don’t lose sight of your goal.”  You can’t go wrong with a body-con mini with flirty-chic details, like cutouts and lace.

Avoid Temptation



Avoid Temptation
“Make your pantry a junk-food-free zone. After all, you can’t eat what’s not available.”
  Save treating yourself for when you’re out and about, and avoid bringing home leftovers. Too dangerous!

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Join FitStudio
and earn Shop Your Way points you can redeem on new clothes.”  The more you rack up, the more you can spend on new musts like crop tops and pale pink separates.

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Make It a Habit
“Join a fitness program. What could be easier than doing structured workouts designed by a trained professional?”
  We love the FitStudio’s Drop 5 in 30 program! The resident trainer tells us exactly what to do, including how long to work out and how many calories to cut. ‘So simple!

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Become a Techie
“Invest in an activity tracker, like
FitBit—so you can see real time data of your progress and aim to do better each day.”  Thanks to the latest fitness gadgets that track steps and calories burned, keeping tabs on your resolution is easier than ever.

Decorate Strategically



Decorate Strategically
“Hang inspirational photos on your fridge. Glancing at a set of ripped abs may prove just the thing to stop an emotional binge.”
  For us, posting motivational quotes and pics of our next vacation destination is helpful, too! (Check out our inspiration board here!)

Team Up



Team Up
“Find a fit buddy.”
  It’s the best fitness advice we’ve ever received. Hitting the gym with a friend makes it more fun, and—as we’re super-competitive—it pushes us to reach goals faster. (We will not be outpaced!)



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