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Inspiration Board: Our Denim Catalog

by Jill Manoff

We’re always in the market for great style inspiration. A reliable source? Shop Your Way. We’re constantly skimming members’ catalogs to see how they’re wearing trends we’re loving: We simply log on, select the “Catalogs” category, then search our favorite styles of the season. The result? Inevitably, related inspiration boards (aka, “catalogs”) by fashion lovers across the country.

Already inspired, but not sure where to start? First things first, become a Shop Your Way member. Then, before anything else, check out our latest, The Jean Scene catalog. It features a wide range of content—from denim trends to street style—so it’s a fab introduction to the type of posts you’ll be browsing. What’s more, it’s bound to motivate a search session that will get you hooked: camo, moto, skinny jeans, flares,…



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