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Inside Our Kardashian Kollection Shoot

by Jill Manoff

As we’re typically impulse purchasers—we see it, we need to have it, we buy it without hesitation—we usually feel helpless on the set of a big photo shoot. For starters? All the pieces are samples. Translation: They’re not for sale. What’s more, it could be months before we see even one of them in stores.

Such was the case during the recent shoot for the Fall/Holiday Kardashian Kollection. Surrounded by lace-embellished styles and trendy faux leather, we found ourselves wanting every piece in every look. Our coping mechanism? Staying busy by snapping pics—which we saved until now, to spare you the same agony: A few of the styles are finally available—so you can start shopping now, no waiting required. As for the others? Consider this a sneak peek; they’ll be out in just weeks. We hope you can handle it…



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