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Lace It Up

by Jill Manoff

Spring after spring, lace is called out as a trend—but it always manages to feel fresh and covetable. The secret? It looks different every time, and this year is no exception. We’re seeing it in new shades (Hello, color!), in new ways (as a peplum, over leggings, the list goes on) and worked into pieces we’d never expect to see it. Pretty lace panels on totally casual tops (Think baseball shirts and sweats.)? Somehow, it works—and we can’t wait to wear it!

Lace It Up Bongo Junior's Open Sleeve Lace Back Top~~~quickview~true~002VA69571012P~Now Here Women's Lace Leggings~~~quickview~true~007VA67673012P~Women's Lace Skater Dress~~~quickview~true~031VA69152912P~Bongo Junior's Lace Raglan Top~~~quickview~true~002VA69998212P~Connected Apparel Women's Lace Peplum Dress~~~quickview~true~031VA69182512P~Junior's Daisy Lace Back Cardigan~~~quickview~true~002VA69600112P~True Freedom Junior's Mona Sweatshirt~~~quickview~true~002VA69138212P~Bongo Junior's Lace Henley Top~~~quickview~true~002VA69964012P~