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Jean - eology: A Lesson in Great - Fitting Jeans

by Jill Manoff

The biggest mistake shoppers make when buying denim? They choose the wrong size! Lucky for you—whether you’re a guy or girl, and whatever your body type—we’ve got your guide to getting it right. (Don’t hit the fitting room without it!)

Check the Waistband
The “two-finger test” is great for finding a waistband that’s sized to perfection. Can’t fit two? The band is too tight. More than two? You’ll want to size down.

Check the Rise
If the style is giving you a muffin top, try a higher rise—or go up a size. If it gaps in the back, but fits everywhere else? Go for a lower rise, or consider having it altered.

Check the Crotch
Excess fabric in the crotch is a no-no. If you can grab more than a handful, your jeans are too big. But, a too-tight crotch is just as unflattering. To avoid pulling and creasing, go for a style with some stretch—and remember: button-fly styles are most forgiving.

Check the Tush
A style that hugs your seat is right on point—but wrong pocket placement could ruin the whole effect. We recommend grabbing your cheeks, then checking your seat. (Really!) If the pockets are centered under each hand, they’re golden. (Extra tip: Medium-sized pockets are your best bet!)

Check the Thighs
Whether or not denim is snug in the thighs typically depends on its fit. (For example, “relaxed” styles are made to have more room.) But, bear in mind: No fit is supposed to pull or crease. If you see ridges below your backside, your pair is too tight.

Check the Length
If they hit above your anklebone, they’re too short. If they pool or drag? They’re too long. We recommend trying on jeans with the shoes you’ll pair them with. Ladies? Unless they’re skinnies, you’ll need to pick: For heels or flats?