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The Best of Pantone'€™s Spring 2014 Report

by Jill Manoff

From the silhouettes and accessories to the prints and color palette, everyone’s buzzing about what’s new for spring. Want to join the conversation? Check out the season’s “it” shades. (Want to be fashion-forward? Start wearing them now!)

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A pastel green that looks plucked from nature, hemlock is perfect for a garden party, a spring wedding or Easter.

Placid BlueShop Placid Blue Colors~~~~false~~



Placid Blue
Cool, calm and on the “pastel” side of the spectrum, placid blue works wonders with spring’s biggest casual trends—like “shabby-chic” florals and light-as-air lace.

Celosia OrangeShop Celosia Orange Colors~~~~false~~



Celosia Orange
If we had to guess, we’d say celosia orange was inspired by a dramatic sunrise. It’s a glowing take on a secondary shade that feels new following a season big on darks.

Dazzling BlueShop Dazzling Blue Colors~~~~false~~



Dazzling Blue
If you love to go bold in cobalt or royal, you’re bound to become a fan of this chic shade. (The best thing about the “new” dazzling blue? You already have it in your wardrobe!)

CayenneShop Cayenne Colors~~~~false~~



The season’s hottest shade of red, cayenne is the epitome of “spicy.” Wear it on your lips, on the town, anytime you want to make a statement.

FreesiaShop Freesia Colors~~~~false~~



The name stems from the freesia plant, but the color calls to mind a variety of flowers—like daffodils, yellow roses and sunflowers, to name a few. All in all, it’s a happy shade that’s set to brighten days (and wardrobes!) all season.

Radiant OrchidShop Radiant Orchid Colors~~~~false~~



Radiant Orchid
2014’s color of the year reminds us why we first fell in love with purple. (It was our fave color as a kid!) Radiant orchid is bold, but not loud; feminine, but not sweet—and looks great with our current choice color: black.