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Top Trend: The Trapper Hat

by Jill Manoff

So much for suffering for fashion… This season, many of the biggest trends are also the comfiest—including oversized coats, weather-proof boots and (our favorite!) classic ushankas, commonly called “trapper hats.” First introduced in the late 1930s to keep troops warm during the Winter War, the bold, fur hats—loved for their versatile earflaps—have since evolved, but are altogether tough as ever. Our choice takes include colorful knit and faux fur versions anchored with poms. Aside from being ultra-budget-friendly, they’re throw-on-and-go-ready and work with “uniforms” across the board. Just remember to let the ties hang loose, rather than secure them overhead, Elmer Fudd style. Not only will it leave the flaps free to heat, but it will send the message that you’re finally doing “easy-chic.”

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