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A New Classic: The Winter White Blazer

by Jill Manoff

It was only a matter of time before the “no white after Labor Day” rule fell by the wayside. After all, white is the ultimate in classic-chic—and it’s a shame to have to choose second best any season. But, some are still hesitant to turn their backs on tradition. For them? We recommend tide-me-over winter white. A creamy take on the timeless shade, it’s safer—yet as sophisticated, when styled to a T. This winter? Keep it weather-appropriate by sticking to ultra-rich fabrics, versus any too “summery.” (Think flannel or wool versus linen or seersucker.) Finally, play up its “cozy” vibe by wearing it layered, piled-on or super-“matchy.” A foolproof bet? A monochromatic combo made up of this must-have blazer and ivory trousers or jeans.

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