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Buy Now: The Little White Dress

by Jill Manoff

Winter wardrobe, it’s been fun—but we’re looking forward to shifting gears for spring. All in all, we’ll be going out with darks (Sorry, LBDs!), in with (fresher, happier) lights—and we’ll have a running start, thanks to our latest fashion buy: a sexy white sheath. It's got a second-skin fit and trendy cutouts—plus color so vivid, it seems made for making statements. We’ll wear it for night, once the weather cooperates. (Forget the old, wait-for-Memorial-Day rule. In our book? White works year-round!) The best part? Accessorizing will be a cinch: It’s a “blanc” slate, so works wonders with everything. We love it with nudes, and—with a pop of color? White-hot!