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Your Spring Break Packing List

by Jill Manoff

Going somewhere? Make your escape in style. Here’s everything you’ll need, and nothing you won’t. (We’ve made sure: It all fits in a carry-on, so you can get there sooner!)

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A Maxi Skirt
Wear it to the beach, then wear it to dinner. (It’s the LBD of your vacay wardrobe!)

A Carry-Everywhere Bag
Throw it on and go, wherever. (Only plans include the sand? Use it as a tote!)

A Crop Top
It’s the next best thing to walking around in your bikini top.

High-Waisted Cutoffs
“Not trying too hard” has never been easier.

The newest take on denim will make you rethink a “one-piece.”

Crochet Layers
Your answer to a cover-up that doesn’t look “covered up.”

Graphic Tees
Make a different statement every day of the week!

A Bright Bikini
Wear, rinse, repeat—or make it easy on yourself. (Bring several styles!)

Ankle Boots
No time to get a pedi? No worries!