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Chic to the Core: The Denim Vest

by Jill Manoff

We love using denim to add a dose of “cool” to our go-to looks across the board: In summer, we wear cutoffs with everything. Come fall? We can’t get enough of our jean jackets. But, lately, we’ve been counting on a style we haven’t considered in quite some time: the classic, throw-on-and-go, worn-to-perfection denim vest. We’ve found it’s fab as a middle layer—between tops and chic blazers, when a jean jacket won’t do (too bulky!). It’s also a great counter to lace and florals, which are set to trend through summer—when it’s go sleeveless or go home. All in all, it’s a staple worth trying—as you’ll have it for seasons, if not forever. (Because “cool” isn’t going anywhere.) The only question? Buy it new, or take a pair of scissors to an old denim topper…

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