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So Retro: Spring's Comeback Denim

by Jill Manoff

The secret to updating your denim collection for spring? Channel the ‘90s! It’s all about new takes on old favorite styles, and they’re easy to wear. We’ll show you how.

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Chambray Shirts
It makes sense that chambray shirts were key players in creating the grunge look; by definition, their look is faded and worn—so they complement a “careless” outfit to perfection. This season, the style reverts to its heyday—with a number of throwback options now available in stores. (Look for “years-old” washes and busy floral prints.) Wear them with ripped denim to pay homage to trends past, or make them current by juxtaposing them with any number of tailored bottoms.

Denim Overalls
If you’re like us, you haven’t even considered putting on a pair of overalls since the early ‘90s—when you first saw them on Kelly Kapowski. But, the trend is back in a big way for spring, and its look is modern—that is, when it’s styled to a T. We recommend pairing it with feminine blouses versus anything flannel that could read “costumey.” Then, cuff it at the hem and pair it with heels, and leave both straps secure. (A dangling strap screams “outdated.”)

Light-Wash Jeans
Just when you’ve fully stocked your stack with pairs-upon-pairs of dark-wash skinnies, a new-old trend comes along that changes everything: light-as-can-be blue jeans. Indeed, the ‘90s staple is having a moment, and it’s one you’ll want to partake in—if only ‘til fall. First step? Choose a pair with distressing and with prominent blue stitching that will give it a vintage feel. Then, play up its ‘90s vibe with tops plucked from the decade—like crop tees and floral styles.