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Editor'€™s Picks: 7 Fall Obsessions

by Jill Manoff

Fall is, by far, my favorite fashion season. Between the new jackets and the fresh takes on boots, the trends are consistently to-die—and I can’t get enough. So, this year, I decided to treat myself to all the head-to-toe picks at the top of my list. (I deserve it!) First (and only) step? I hit my favorite Sears store—the State Street location, in Chicago, Illinois. Not so surprisingly, I found all seven musts, and for a major steal (under $300!).

As a result, my wardrobe feels super-fresh and I have a crazy number of Shop Your Way points to spend to my heart’s desire: In addition to the $2.63 I earned in base points, I earned a total of $25 in “surprise” bonus points (There are so many deals, it’s hard to keep up!): $10 to spend at a later date, simply for spending $50 on clothes—plus $15 I can spend right away. I’m thinking it’s the perfect excuse to move on to obsession #8: a flippy skirt with faux-leather trim…

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1.     Studded Cuff, $9.99 ($0.10 in points)
        A little tough love goes a long way.

2.     Trapezoid Tote, $63.30 ($0.63 in points)
        The shape of things so now.

3.     Black Ankle Boots, $39.99 ($0.40 in points)
        A low-down, flirty shoe.

4.     Bordeaux Blouse, $22.99 ($0.23 in points)
        The chicest way to get rich quick.

5.     Moto Jeans, $39.99 ($0.40 in points)
        Whether you were born to be wild, or just dress the part.

6.     Tweed Dress, $39.99 ($0.40 in points)
        Fab for day, and night.

7.     Bomber Jacket, $46.99 ($0.47 in points)
        Sporty, meet sweet.