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Your Guide to the Hottest Workouts Right Now

by Jill Manoff
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Resolve to get fit in 2014? Count on a combination of fun-effective workouts. These are our current favorites.

Aerial Fitness



The Workout: Aerial Fitness
The Equipment:
A silk hammock
The Moves:
A combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates moves performed on a suspended fabric. Expect heavy repetitions combined with deep stretching.
The Results:
A strengthened, lengthened and toned physique




The Workout: Pilates
The Equipment
: A mat or a reformer
The Moves:
Be prepared for a workout much like yoga, but with less focus on breath work and a stronger concentration on the core and spine.
The Results:
Strength without bulk, plus improved flexibility and agility





The Workout: CrossFit
The Equipment:
Barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and a tire
The Moves:
It’s all about a mix of aerobic, body weight and weightlifting exercises that is constantly changing and performed at a high intensity.
The Results:
Improved muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance and flexibility



The Workout: Zumba
The Equipment:
Upbeat music and supportive sneakers
The Moves:
Get set for easy-to-follow dance routines (just 3-4 moves per song) inspired by salsa, merengue and hip-hop, and set to Latin music.
The Results:
Improved stamina, balance, muscle tone and mood



The Workout: Boxing
The Equipment:
Boxing gloves, wrist wraps, a punching bag and a jumprope
The Moves:
You’ll do “rounds” of punches—like cross punches and jabs—in various combinations, separated by periods of jogging and jump-roping.
The Results:
Increased endurance, strength and speed, plus toned arms, abs and legs

Standup Paddle-Boarding



The Workout: Standup Paddle-Boarding
The Equipment:
A paddle, a standup paddleboard and a body of water
The Moves
: You’ll take your usual routine off dry land: Exercises like crunches, squats and pushups are performed while balancing on a paddleboard.
The Results:
Sculpted abs, arms and legs, fast

Cardio Climbing


The Workout: Cardio Climbing
The Equipment:
A VersaClimber
The Moves:
Imagine using a StairMaster that engages the upper body, too: You’ll move your arms and legs up and down—alternating them, like you’re climbing a hill.
The Results:
Decreased body fat, fast—plus increased definition in the shoulders, back, legs and tush