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Valentine's Day Guide: 7 No - Fail Gifts

by Jill Manoff

The most romantic day of the year calls for a thoughtful gift. In other words? A box of chocolates won’t do. We’ve got your guide to seven, decidedly-sweeter options.

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1. For the Flirt: A Little Red Dress
Don’t just go out this Valentine’s Day, go all out. If it’s a surprise for her, all the better—as long as you bring her a perfect little number: You can’t go wrong with this classic red dress—which will work on the spot and for seasons to come.

2. For the Romantic: A Floral Fragrance
For the fan of sappy songs, chick flicks and poetry, we recommend a bouquet of flowers. For bonus points? Add a matching fragrance, like freesia, jasmine and water lily-infused Coach Poppy.  

3. For the Fashionista: Statement Heels
She’s head-over-heels for better-than-basic heels, and it’s clear by the well-stocked shelves in her closet. For her? Pick up a timeless-trendy style, like these neutral pumps with plenty of edge-adding studs.

4. For the Vixen: Sexy Lingerie
We’ve got a fantasy pick for lingerie lovers of every style: A two-piece set that’s naughty and nice—thanks to a sweet bow, a girly ruffle, a wild cheetah print and a provocative push-up top.

5. For the Maximalist: Bold Baubles
She loves bright colors, extravagant embellishments and look-at-me extras—and more is more. So, it makes sense that this necklace-and-earrings duo had her name all over it. (She’ll add both before heading out the door!)

6. For the Jetsetter: A Go-Everywhere Bag
Her idea of an ideal travel companion? (Other than you, that is!) A chic tote with ample room for her laptop, her sweater, her passport and more. This cheery new style will prove perfect for miles.

7. For Him: A Festive Polo
An occasion-fitting take on his business-casual staple, our new pink and red polos feel like tees, but look more polished. (He’ll wear them on Casual Friday, and whenever he gets the chance!)