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Griddles and Grills For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Frying and grilling produce some of the best-tasting foods. Take a look at some of the great griddles and grills Sears offers to make this type of cooking easy.

A basic Kenmore griddle is likely to become one of your most-used pans. These cooking implements offer a surface great for cooking pancakes and other flat foods. Some griddles are even wide enough to cover two burners, which effectively cuts the time it takes to make a large batch in half. Most griddles have low sides to allow you to easily use a pancake turner. When you're cooking something with a lot of grease, choose a tall-sided griddle pan to keep everything contained.

Grilled foods taste great and are a staple during good weather. You can enjoy the wonderful flavor year-round with indoor grills. These electric grills cook your food with the familiar grating lines while allowing grease to drain away for healthier meals. Sears offers the line of the very popular George Foreman grills along with several restaurant-quality selections. Some of these grills are compact enough to cook two hamburgers, while larger ones can handle an entire meal for four.

When you can cook outside, try a full-sized Kenmore outdoor grill. These reasonably priced grills run on gas and include a searing burner to make your warm-weather meals delicious. A warming rack under the lid allows you to keep everything hot until you're done cooking. A separate side burner provides heat to pots of side-dishes.

Whether you're cooking indoors or out, trust Sears for all the equipment you need to make great meals. Order today, and you can have your new things delivered within a few days.


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