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Steamers and Stockpots For Those Fresh Veggies

Steam your vegetables to perfection with a quality stainless steel stockpot or steamer from Sears. Choose a smaller Deni 6.5-quart pressure cooker with fully programmable timer, or select a larger 23-quart steamer to prepare meals for the entire family.

To steam vegetables without a steamer or stockpot, use a steamer basket in conjunction with a pot. These baskets fit securely over the pot and hold the vegetables just above the water. Afterward, you can lift the steamer from the pot and set it on the countertop with its built-in legs.

Add even more cooking accessories to your kitchen with a double boiler. Choose a 2- or 3-quart double boiler from BonJour that cooks with even heat distribution. A double boiler is useful for preparing melted cheeses, chocolate and Hollandaise sauce. Select a stainless steel double boiler set that is easy to clean and lasts for years of use.

Pressure cookers are useful items to have in the kitchen. A 7.5-quart pressure cooker from Gaunaurd can be used for simmering, warming or browning your food; you can even saute meats and vegetables with a pressure cooker. In addition, the handles are normally cool to the touch so that you can transport your pressure cooker without worry.

For those inclined to use more electronically geared kitchen cookware, take a look at Sears' Kitchen Aid brand to expand your options.

With a steamer, double boiler and pressure cooker, you can cook all of your favorite meals for the family. Shop Sears for affordable steamers and other accessories that take the hard work out of cooking in the kitchen.


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