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      Having a high-powered drill on hand makes it easier for you to get those tough jobs done around the home. Whether you're a tool aficionado or a home maintenance beginner, Sears has the drill for you. Our corded drills are ideal if you'll be using your drill frequently or don't want to worry about the charge running out in the middle of an important job. Choose the perfect drill based on the number of amps you need and the largest size of drill bit you plan to use. Some drills even come with bits and a case.

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      What to look for when purchasing a corded drill

      Handheld power tools are a must-have for any weekend warrior or woodworker; they become almost an extension of your own hands. So while shopping, look for the various features that will make them comfortable to hold and use, such as comfort grip handles and ergonomic design. Look for the model with the power you need that's the lightest you can find. Five pounds may not seem like a lot of weight, but wait until you've been on a project all day long. Five pounds can suddenly seem a lot heavier. Also for your comfort, safety and convenience, look for tools that have on/off and other switches in easy-to-reach locations.

      You'll notice that there are three basic styles of handles on drills. There's the right-angle drill; you'll need to use that when your movements are restricted because of the space you're working in or the design of the object you're working on. The second type is a T-handle, the type of wrench most people associate with cordless drills. It's designed to spread the weight, creating less pressure on your hands, resulting in less fatigue. There's also the pistol grip drill, which looks similar to the T-handle, but is more often corded. It's noticeably less bulky, due to the lack of battery pack.

      The power of a corded drill is noted in amps; the higher the amps, the more power you have. You'll want a drill that has variable speeds because you will want different speeds based on the type of materials on which you're using the drill. For example, you need large bits at low speeds to drill hardwood, while a small bit at a higher speed works well on softwood. Also, make sure the model you choose is a reversible drill. Not only will you use a drill to drill fasteners into materials, but you'll use it to remove any old screws or misses when drilling. Compare models using torque, because that dictates the amount of force the drill can apply while in operation.

      Sometimes you'll be money ahead and save on shopping time by choosing a drill that comes with storage case and a kit full of accessories. Some of the accessories you might need include various bits for woodworking and masonry. Other bits are great when working with metal, glass or ceramics. Additional accessories you need to purchase include files, rasps, hole saws, sanders and screwdriver bits.

      Now that you know some of the things to look for when shopping for a corded drill, here's just one example of the many we have from which you can choose. Look at the Evolv 5.2 Amp Corded 3/8-inch Drill from Craftsman, America's most trusted brand. It has an integrated belt hook. With 5.2 amps, it provides plenty of power, and the variable speed trigger switch allows you to go from zero to 2,500 RPM. You'll appreciate the ergonomic soft-grip handle that provides you with maximum comfort and control. It has the forward/reverse switch you need. DeWalt, Hitachi, Bosch, Milwaukee and other brands also offer quality corded drills.

      While you're looking at the collection of power tools we offer at Sears, check out our stationary power tools, grinders and screwguns. Sears has a variety of corded power tools from which you can choose. As you shop online, feel free to chat with one of our expert sales associates who can help you find the right tools for the right job.


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