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      With the click of a bolt, add-on tools convert your humble garage tools into specialty devices. With the right attachment, your cordless drill transforms into a powerful sander. Turn your drill into a hammer drill that bores through masonry as though it were butter. There is no need to fill your cabinets with specialty tools when add-ons are so convenient and versatile. Among the types of tools you should invest in, cordless staplers rank quite high. Hang cork boards in your home or staple loose carpet like a pro. With these kinds of tools at your disposal, you are sure to be the envy of your do-it-yourself buddies who live on your block. Just make sure that your friends return any tools and attachments they borrow from your workshop!

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      Save money and get versatility with add-on tools

      With Sears' Add-On and Bolt-On attachments, you can turn a single driver into a workbench full of power tools. An impact wrench is an occasional need for most handymen, so buying just the Bolt-On head will save the expense of a full-size tool. The Bolt-On jigsaw attachment offers quick cuts of PVC pipe or precise cuts on a woodworking project. The oscillating attachment features grinding and sanding capabilities, and the hammerdrill gives you the robust power needed for drilling into metal or masonry. The base drivers come in a range of sizes from 1/4 in.-1/2 in. to fit the types of jobs you do most often. Bare add-on tools and kits with a charger and one or more batteries give you options.

      A cordless drill or driver is essential for a wide range of tasks. Add drill bits for making holes in wood, masonry or metal. Add fastener bits to drive screws in drywall, wood or sheet metal. Select a cordless drill from today's most trusted brands like Craftsman, DeWalt and Milwaukee Electric. Affordable 12-volt drills give the home handyman versatility for small projects. Powerful 18-volt models offer the contractor a beefier tool that will stand up to the demands of multiple users on the job site. They're also a better choice for repetitive actions like driving drywall screws. Bare tools work with existing chargers and batteries from the same brand and series. Complete kits give you everything you need including a carrying case.

      The most versatile saws for demolition and construction are cordless reciprocating saws that breeze through drywall and have the power to cut dimensional lumber or pipe. You'll find your favorite brands right here, including the original Milwaukee Electric Sawzall. Both new and reconditioned cordless reciprocating saws are available. A 12-volt model will handle PVC, but for heavier jobs, you may be happier with an 18-volt or 19.2-volt model. The battery will last longer and give you more power for tough cuts.

      Cordless rotary tools like the Craftsman Nextec with a large set of attachments will prove invaluable for hobbyists, DIY homeowners and contractors. Metal and dimensional lumber are among the materials they handle. The tasks you can accomplish with cordless rotary tools include cutting drywall, shaping the seat edge of a handmade chair and grinding adhesive from concrete. Most come with 5-20 different attachments, so you'll have the right one for every job on your list.

      We've been supplying homeowners, craftsmen and contractors with the tools they need for more than a century. We've got next-generation cordless tools that give you versatility and power where you need it. Make Sears your one-stop tool shop, and you'll find the right tool for every task.


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