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      Your weekend calendar is cleared, so you can build that deck or backyard fence that you have been planning for ages. Finalize your drawings and head to Sears for all of the tools and fasteners you need for the project. Power tools from Sears make the job safe and easy. Avoid the hassle and danger of electric cords stretched across your lawn by using one of our cordless circular saws for cutting decking or fencing to length. For making inside cuts and other detail work, select one of our cordless jig saws. With brand names like Craftsman, DeWalt, Porter-Cable and Bosch, you have confidence that the tools you get from us have the power and durability you need to do the job right.

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      Move freely with cordless circular saws from Sears

      Cordless circular saws provide you with freedom of movement while you work. Sears offers hundreds of cordless saws from Craftsman and other popular name brands that free you from the bonds of electrical cords. A cordless circular saw features durable yet lightweight material, making it easier to grip and operate the saw. Saws like the Craftsman C3 feature 19.2-volt batteries that provide serious power to get the job done, and the built-in laser system guides you on a straight line. Some saws provide the option to add attachments to increase your tool's functionality.

      Maximize your efficiency on the job with cordless power tool combos from Craftsman and DeWalt. With a combination kit, you have a complete set of tools that includes circular saws and drills, which you can use for both DIY and commercial projects. As an example, you can get a Craftsman combo kit that features a circular saw, a drill and a fluorescent work light. The kit also includes saw blades, bits and two 19.2-volt batteries to power your tools. Investing in a combo kit saves you money, and it includes the tools you need to start your at-home or on-site workshop.

      If a combo kit doesn't contain all of the tools you need, we also have individual cordless grinders available for your metalwork. Whether you prefer Craftsman, DeWalt or Hitachi, you have access to powerful cordless grinders that feature Lithium-ion batteries, which hold a charge longer than other batteries of its type. Select a single Craftsman C3 angle grinder that has three positions for ease of use or opt for a complete DeWalt cut-off tool kit that includes a cordless 18-volt grinder, a contractor bag and accessories.

      Complete your cordless power tool collection with cordless reciprocating saws from Craftsman and Bosch. While cordless circular saws work well for cutting through flat sheets or level wooden surfaces, you use reciprocating saws for hard-to-reach places. The reciprocating saw also accepts many different blade types, so you can use it to cut through everything from wood to steel. Like corded reciprocating saws, the cordless models feature variable speed settings and adjustable stroke lengths to accommodate your needs. Because the cordless saws operate with rechargeable batteries, you have the power you need without the restriction of cords.

      Whether you enjoy DIY projects or work as a professional carpenter, invest in cordless circular saws to increase your mobility and efficiency during your projects. Save money with cordless power tool combos and invest in cordless grinders and reciprocating saws to complete your toolbox. Shop online at Sears for more affordable cordless power tools and accessories for your home and the workplace.


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