Cordless grinders don't back down from the dirty work. An 18-volt grinder from Craftsman, DeWalt or Milwaukee Tool will remove adhesive from concrete floors, take down uneven edges in subflooring or cut off steel or PVC pipe. We've got complete tool kits or just the bare tools for use with the batteries and charger you already have. You'll also find the grinding pads and other accessories needed to complete the job. If you've joined the cordless revolution, then you've probably got various cordless power tools on your wish list. Get the cordless grinders and other cordless tools you want right here at very competitive prices.

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      Cordless grinders cut and polish steel

      Cordless grinders provide the power you need to cut, polish and sand metal surfaces. Using different grinder pads, you can go from cutting through a metal pipe to polishing steel in an instant. Sears carries a full selection of name brand cordless grinders from DeWalt and Craftsman. With its 18-volt battery, the angle grinder powers through the toughest jobs, and the ergonomic design and handle makes it easy to hold and operate. The Craftsman C3 cordless angle grinder supports 4 1/2-inch grinding wheels, and it has three adjustable positions to provide better control.

      Since cordless tools offer more freedom of movement as you work, consider cordless brad nailers for your woodworking projects. You never have to worry about tangling a cord around your work area, and the powerful rechargeable battery keeps you working without worrying about plugs and electrical outlets. Brad nailers come in handy for finishing cabinetry and nailing chair rail to the wall. Senco and Stanley offer powerful straight and angled brad nailers that support 2 1/2-inch finishing nails. You can also choose the framing nailer for driving nails into subflooring and trusses.

      Improve your mobility on the job even further with cordless power tool combos from Craftsman and DeWalt. With a cordless power tool kit, you receive multiple tools without having to pay for each tool separately. Depending on the tools you need, you have access to various combo kits that contain saws, drills and accessories like fluorescent lamps and handheld vacuums. Each cordless power tool uses a rechargeable battery that holds a charge for hours, and many cordless tools work with add-ons and attachments for improving your work efficiency.

      Sometimes you need to use glue before nailing your wood pieces together. Glue bonds the pieces tightly together, creating a seal that increases the hold after nailing. Cordless glue guns let you apply hot glue to the surface of your wood or metal at high and low temperatures. You can even use cordless glue guns for fabric and plastic crafting projects. Glue guns feature nozzles of various sizes for applying the precise amount of glue to the surface. Some glue guns offer variable temperature settings, giving you more control as you work.

      Whether you work on the jobsite or in your garage, cordless grinders help you cut through metal pieces and polish your steel surfaces. Extend your cordless tool kit with brad nailers for finishing cabinets or installing crown molding. Get even more tools in one with a cordless power tool combo and keep a cordless glue gun on hand for low- and high-temperature bonding projects. Always visit Sears online for the most affordable cordless power tools and accessories for your DIY and professional jobs.


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