Cordless power drills: The Star in the Power Tool Sky

Just watch her glazed look when you begin to talk about cordless power tools. She gets a sudden migraine and leaves the room when you speak of your cordless wet/dry vacuum like your dearest friend. She decides to call her mother when you steal a glance at your cordless tool battery charger.

Though the wife may not appreciate the wonder than is your toolshed, cordless power tools are the perfect combination of power and functionality. They no longer needing a cumbersome cord, and are no longer heavy enough to serve as the anchor for your bass boat.

Here are a few cordless wonders to make your heart skip a beat.

Cordless Power Drills

Gone are the days of wrestling extension cords around with you as you try your best to angle your drill in to make pilot holes. Cordless drills of today come in a variety of voltages from nine volts to 24 providing enough power to do the job first time every time. There's nothing like cordless drill power to make it all happen.

Drill/Driver Kit

It doesn't matter how old or young you are, there is a special thrill to starting that hole with the drill, then driving the screw in with the same tool. Your father used to drag out his corded power drill, make the hole, and then throw a not-so-gentle temper tantrum trying to find the right screw driver to finish the job, only to feel the ache in his arm after the project was finished. A drill/driver kit gives you everything you need in one economical package.

Power Screwdrivers

Though not as sexy as a big, hulking 24-volt cordless power drill, power screwdrivers clearly have their place. Grabbing the freshly charged power screw driver will make any job even quicker. Whether you're hanging the family portrait on the wall or putting together the latest shelving unit, these little guys are money.

Besides a variety of screw drivers and drill bits, they can come equipped with tape measures, levels, flashlights, stud sensors and, if that isn't enough, articulating heads are available to give you an angle on any job.

Bit Sets

For each of the cordless devices discussed above, there are many bit and driver sets to go with them.  From the simple sets of 20-30 pieces to the sets of over 100 pieces, you'll have enough tools to keep you happy drilling holes and filling them with screws for many years to come.

So take your time checking them all out. In time for holiday shopping, hint to your loved one that cordless power tools can be delivered for a great bargain price. Or be a little more direct, and send them a text message with the name, description and picture of the tools you want.

Whether it's the power drill, drill and driver kit, power screwdrivers or all the great bit sets that go with them, be sure to do your homework by exploring the power drill reviews both online and in your favorite tool magazine.

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