Cordless Power Tool Kits: Bring on the Projects

You can lay a lot of money into a cordless power tool. A cordless drill alone can set you back a good chunk, but then you find you may need other tools to go with it. After a few trips to your local hardware store, you may have amassed a wide collection of tools, and a hefty bill to go with it.

Say hello to the cordless power tool combo. Many vendors provide an attractive ?box set? deal combining several of their more useful cordless tools in a budget-minded bundle. The price of these sets can vary according to the needs of the user with the more power minded tools ranging to $600 while the lower end sets can start at around $250.

Probably the most-used tool available in cordless power tool kits, the drill driver provides you with great flexibility when attacking a project you want done quickly but well.  Simply grab your charged drill driver, make your pilot hole, switch to a driver bit and drive the screw or other attachment in without changing tools.

You remember your father?s circular saw, right? He plugged it in, hit the switch and then dodged the cord. With this cordless beauty, you can make the same precise cuts without the frustration of constantly moving the power cord. Usually carrying blades from five to six inches in diameter, these saws will get the job done.

Reciprocating saw and flashlight

This guy takes the classic push-and-pull saw and morphs it into a power tool. Great for working on drywall or other vertical surfaces, a reciprocating saw can slip into many places a circular saw just won't work. It packs enough power to bust through beams and studs while still being light enough to haul around all day long.

The most versatile component of the combo kit, the flashlight is great to have around the house whether you're a DIYer or not. You may need light in a tight corner as you drill or cut. With an extra battery, you can provide illumination without dragging a corded light with you. In addition, that trip up to the dark attic is easily handled by bringing the flashlight with you.

Batteries, charger, and carrying case

In most combo kits, two Lithium-Ion batteries will provide hours of power. Be sure the kit you want to buy has an extra battery. In addition to those times you want to use two tools at once, keeping one battery charging while the other is in service is a great way to work around charging time.

That means, of course, that another ?must-have? feature of the cordless power tool kit is the charger itself. Check for quick charge times of around 30 minutes. That's enough time to refill a lasting battery.

Most combo kits provide a convenient carrying case for those off-site projects. Whether it is molded plastic or a vinyl bag, the case will protect your tools both at home and on the road.

As you consider any cordless power tool, reviews are available both online and in your favorite tool publications. Make your purchase with the confidence that you have just the kit to handle those quick Saturday projects.

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